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    Our course material is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis, and reflects the most recent updates from the NBRC.

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Instructor Bio:

Dr. Gilmore is an Associate Professor of Cardiopulmonary Science (CPS) and the CPS Program Director at Louisiana State University Health Shreveport. He holds a PhD in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University, a Masters in Health Sciences and BS in Cardiopulmonary Science from LSU Health Shreveport and an AS in Respiratory Therapy from Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC).

Timothy Gilmore


Course curriculum

    1. Managing the Airway

    2. Practice Questions 1-10

    3. Administering Specialty Gases

    4. Practice Questions 11-13

    5. Managing Ventilation & Oxygenation

    6. Practice Questions 14-39

    7. Practice Questions 40-49

    8. Delivering Pharmacological Agents

    9. Practice Quetsions 50-59

    1. Assess Patient Status and Change in Status

    2. Practice Questions 60-75

    3. Practice Questions 76-90

    4. Anticipating Care Based on Lab Results

    5. Practice Questions 91-98

    6. Anticipating Care Based on Imaging

    7. Practice Questions 99-106

    8. Anticipate Side Effects of Pharmacologic Agents

    9. Practice Questions 107-118

    10. Anticipate Care Based on Nutritional Status

    11. Practice Questions 119-122

    12. Prevent Ventilator-Associated Events

    13. Practice Questions 123-128

    14. Recognize and Manage Patients with Infections and or Sepsis

    15. Practice Questions 129-134

    16. Manage End-of-Life Care

    17. Practice Questions 135-138

    18. Preparing for Disaster and Mass Casualty Events

    19. Practice Questions 139-141

    20. Interact with Members of an Interdisciplinary Team

    21. Practice Questions 142-143

    22. Perform Procedures

    23. Practice Questions 144-146

    24. Troubleshoot Systems

    25. Practice Questions 147-150

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